Sheila Danzig was born and raised in New York City and now lives in South Florida. She is a successful business women and entrepreneur who holds a BS from Hunter College of the City University of NY and a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Studies from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Sheila is always on the look out for the answer to her (and the country's) health and weight problems believing that medical science and the food industry are very close to finding it. She is always eager to try out the latest and greatest food products, supplements and exercise equipment.

"I love Jeffrey (and by the way, I am the only one who can call him Jeffrey other than his mother), but he doesn't get it. At a family lunch one time, all he ate was tomatoes. TOMATOES! We all love him but it is so hard to enjoy eating when he is around us. That's why no one wants to go out to eat with him. We all tell him we are eating at home and that we'll meet him at a movie later… but the truth is, the rest of us eat together beforehand, and enjoy ourselves, but without Jeffrey. Then, we meet him at a movie after the fact."


Jeff Novick was born in NY and raised on Long Island and now lives in South Florida. Jeff has had a life long passion in fitness and health originally inspired when watching Jack LaLanne with his grandfather as a young child. He holds both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Indiana State University in Nutrition with minors in Exercise Science. He has taught nutrition classes at Indiana State University (ISU), Indiana University Medical School, and the University of Miami Medical School. While in Indiana, he created and taught the Nutrition Education Initiative, a preventive medicine curriculum for medical doctors, residents, and medical students. In recognition of this groundbreaking project, Indiana's governor awarded him the Indiana State Public Health Excellence in Health Science Award and ISU presented him their Graduate-of-the-Last-Decade Award. Over the past 24 years he has been the deciding ingredient in thousands of patients' quests to lose weight, reverse disease, build genuine health, and achieve a high quality of life.

"I love Sheila and my mission is simple, to help her understand the principles and guidelines of healthy living and how to avoid all the pitfuls, gimmicks, and misleading advertisements and products out there."