Big Fattening Lies just happened. Actually, it has been happening for decades.

Since they can remember, Jeff and Sheila have been discussing (actually, more like debating), the latest trends in health and nutrition. Going back over 30 years, they have been having these ongoing debates everywhere and everytime they are together.

Listening to them over lunch one day, a mutual friend said, "I don't know if I should laugh or cry listening to you two, but one thing I do know, is that the two of you should film this. You are hilarious! Now can we eat?"

And hence, the genesis of the show.

As Sheila says, "I love Jeffrey but there is a great deal of cutting edge work being done everyday but Jeffrey doesn't want to hear about it. He is totally closed minded about all the possibilities that can help all of us. It is my job to show him that the road to health and well being can be easy, fun and tasty

To which Jeff responds, "I love Sheila but she still thinks there is a magic bullet out there. And, she believes everything and anything she hears on a commercial, reads on a box or finds in a diet book. I think all the food companies send her personal samples of every new food item they invent!" She doesn't get it that healthy eating can be easy, fun and tasty.